Friday, November 11, 2011

The Wall Street Humidor


Welcomes Cigar Enthusiasts After Major Renovation New York, NY - Wednesday, November 7, 2011 – Owner/ Proprietor Richard Hu today announced a Grand Re-Opening celebration this Friday, November 11th. The occasion marks the official return of the renowned cigar shop/smoking lounge on Warren Street in Lower Manhattan, just steps west of Broadway and City Hall.

The Wall Street Humidor has been completely remodeled. It now features an astounding two-floor humidor, skylights, and new, and smoking lounge areas. New flat-screen HD televisions and there music systems are distributed throughout the space. Humidified rental lockers will be available for cigar storage and aging. The centerpiece of the new WSH is the downstairs members lounge. It features beautiful hardwood floors, area rugs, exposed brick walls, a mixture of brand new seating areas, subtle lighting from, antiques, and even a baby grand piano. It is perhaps the most elegant smoking area in Manhattan. This lounge will also be available for private parties.
Hu decided earlier this year to renovate and expand the 15-year-old establishment. He saw opportunity in making the Wall Street Humidor a more welcoming place, even though he has a devoted and loyal clientele. “So many cigar stores have closed in New York City, and the simple pleasure of smoking and meeting up with other has become increasingly difficult for so many.

Between New York City’s smoking laws and the recent recession, cigar stores have become an endangered species,” said Hu. So, to both reward his following and attract new clients, he went all out in renovating the store. Richard Hu opened the Wall Street Humidor in 1996 after a lengthy and successful career in international finance. During his years of business travel, he gained a great appreciation of cigars, their culture and the many fine hours of contemplation, conversation and companionship emporiums around the world provide for devotees. Richard is known around town as a knowledgeable connoisseur of cigars and has run the shop with a sense of hospitality which its regulars acknowledge is akin to a second home. Hu said: “After being in so many fine cigar bars and clubs over the years, I wanted to re-create my store and really brand it to my own taste. The reaction to it during our previews has been over-whelmingly positive. My clientele was so supportive during the renovation, stopping by to check on the construction and to chat with me. I’m thrilled by the loyalty and the excitement they’ve shown from the beginning of the process.” On a recent pre-opening evening, over a dozen patrons were in the shop enjoying a wide range of cigars. One customer was playing guitar and softly singing with two others, a few watching a baseball playoff game, others were reading, while the remainder engaged in the favorite Wall Street Humidor pastime: great smokes with great conversation, with Mr. Hu joining in. This Friday’s event is open to both long-time and first-time patrons and will include food, refreshment, entertainment and of course, one of the finest collections of cigars in New York City. Mr. Hu will be happy to host you and recommend cigars for the palettes of new and old smoker alike.

About the Wall Street Humidor:
The completely remodeled Wall Street Humidor is at 18 Warren Street in Lower Manhattan, NY. Located steps from City Hall, it hosts a cross-section of cigars smokers from all walks of life Owner/Proprietor Richard Hu has hosted the City’s cigar aficionados for over 15 years, offering over 70 types of cigars along with a selection of fine humidors, cutters and other cigar accessories. Brands include: Padron, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Comacho, Aurora, Don Pepin, Alec Bradley, Carrillo and (coming soon) Tatuaje.

The Wall Street Humidor has new, extended hours: Monday through Saturday from 12noon until 9pm.
Media Contact for The Wall Street Humidor: Bob Samuel ( 917.969.9301

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